Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a style icon!

So head on over to BGLH and check me out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Silky Smooth VS Nigga Naps

So for some reason I straightened my hair last week. I said its because I wanted to see how it would it look. Which is true. But I also did it for a special occasion. I was falling back on that old standard...that I don't look my best without straight hair.
And I found, I did not like it! I missed my fro! And I'm glad that I got rained on yesterday so that I could come home and wash out the heat and the concoction that I put in it over the span of those few days.

As far as my hair journey is concerned...I'm progressing with baby steps. I've found what works for me to bring out my natural curl pattern, fooling people into thinking I have a texturizer haha, but that is it! I'm ready to try some styles. My swami has inspired me as she usually does with her beautiful locks and tips on things to do with them.
I just find it funny, especially now with more hair awareness going on in movies, magazines, etc. that I felt I had to fall back on that old standard. Or that my straighter hair seemed more accepted to those I work with or people on the street. I even got more attention from men, which is funny! Since I know they like long hair. And my do was rather short haha.
And as cute as I find my hair when its in fro-form...supposedly I have nigga naps! Like that's what natural hair is for some of those same people who fall into that straight is better stigma.
I dunno. Maybe I'm just being sensitive and letting bullshit get to me. When really, I feel very comfortable and empowered by how I wear my hair now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Loc update


The style I like to wear is a combination twist out and bantu knot out. I actually experimented with the style before I started my locs and I loved how it came out so I tried it with my locs and it pretty much came out the same way. Here are the steps:

Start with freshly washed or damp hair.

Moisturize and apply any product that you use on your hair. I used coconut oil and glycerin.

Two strand twist hair all over. For locs, take two locs and twist them together.

Take 2 two strand twists and twist them together. Now you have a four strand twist.

Take that four strand twist and twist it until it coils on to itself, creating a bantu knot.

Repeat the process all over your head.

Now bantu knots are a style on their own, so I kept mine in for about 3 days.

Make sure your hair is completely dry before taking it loose. I recommend sitting under a dryer or letting it air dry.

Carefully undo each bantu knot and untwist each twist.

To get rid of the spaces caused by the parts rub your hands through your hair. I put a nickel sized amount of moisturizer on my hands before I did this.

*The good thing about this style is that, for me at least, it lasts longer than a twist out or bantu knot out because it produces a tighter curl. I do this process during the weekend, wear the bantu knots for a few days, then wear it loose the rest of the week.

Hope you try this style!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hair Blog! Shape Up Look Smart and Other Rambles

So I did a video blog. It was fun. My very first. Ahh I'm no longer a video blog virgin!!! Oh well. But I don't look beauteous in it haha so the natural will have to do. Hope you all watch the whole thing.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The beginning...

I got my locs started today! I love it already... It looks really good. I love that he used all natural stuff so my hair doesn't feel stiff. I am so excited... And Meghan is more excited than I am lol. Of course I will keep you guys updated on this journey. I have to do a video because the experience was great. I went to Bornu Locs in a secret location lol. You can check out his work at He was really cool and he finished my hair in less than 2 hours.
I guess that's it for now. Stay tuned :)
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