Monday, October 26, 2009

My hair today

I keep getting compliments on my hair today! I will post more pictures later. I am at work and I snuck in the bathroom to take this picture, so its not that great.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slightly frustrated...

I think I am overthinking my dreadlock journey. It's supposed to be of the reasons I decided that I want to lock my hair is because my hair is starting to become a source of stress, and I am not used to that. For years I kept my hair in twists and braids, and I really didn't think about it too much. But now, I think about it TOO much.

Lately my dilemma has been: how exactly should I start my locks? I could do two strand twists, but I have mixed feelings about how my hair looks in two strand twists, and I don't want it to come loose. I though about 4 strand twists, because they're tighter so may stay intact longer than two strand twists. Ideally, I would interlock, but I feel like I would have a hard time doing that on my own hair. I'm too impatient, but I refuse to pay someone to do it. I'm too broke, and besides I know how to do it I'm just impatient and too lazy.

Sooo I will probably just do 4 strand twists and wear hats or something until I'm happy with the way my hair looks. I'm starting out with hair that isn't particularly long or short, so I'm jumping in this journey right at the awkward stage, which isn't gonna make it easier, but perhaps it will teach me a thing or two. Patience is something I need more of, so hopefully this process will be a lesson in that.

Now I just need my girlfriend to part my hair so I can get this show on the road! I want my parts to be really neat. I'm really picky about my hair.

Anyway, hopefully next time I will be posting pictures of the beginnings of some damn locks. We shall see. I know how I am...if I get too impatient, I will say "fuck having perfect parts," and just DO IT. But I'm trying not to go there since this is a style I plan to have permanently, or at least until they get to my waist.

Stay tuned.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I dyed my hair!

I really wanted to dye my hair before locking it, so that I could have some hot red tips on the end of my locks as they I got some stuff and dyed my damn hair. I like it :) It still takes some getting used to though.

Next step...twist my hair! Hopefully if I am not too tired I will do that tonight. If I get too lazy, I will do it tomorrow or this weekend. I'm really ready for it to be done though.

Did you dye your hair before or after locking it? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pick Yo Afro Baby

You need to pick yo afro daddy because its flat on one side.You need to pick yo
afro daddy because its flat on one side (what you waitin on?). Well if you
don't pick yo afro, you're gonna have one side high.
- Erykah Badu Afro (Freestyle skit)

I sleep in bonnets. Have been for a few years now. Has to be satin. To lock in moisture and all that jazz. I still do it even now that I've cut the relaxer out of my hair. I think its funny that when I wake up, drool all around my mouth, crude in my eyes, buggers in my nose...I have a compressed fro! And I'm a jerk. I do not have my coveted fisted afro pick. I've resorted to doing with what I have. Which is a clear blue comb that brings to mind what your mother used on your head right after she washed it. And the hair dryer comb that never stays on my hair dryer.
Needless to say, I do not like to pick my fro out. It hurts for one. Seems I'm tender headed again. And two, I don't want to give my nitpicking sister the satisfaction!!!!
I like seeing my curls. Like messing with them even more.
But I can't get the Erykah Badu song out of my head in the morning when I take off my bonnet. I use my hands more often than not. Fluff my hair out. And find I'm pleased with the look. Although others advise picking.
I did so this morning. Shocked me how much it grew that fast. My mother always said I had horse hair :)
I need a pick...damnit.
Also, any suggestions on moisturizers??? Those are some of the products that I'm using. [Pictured] It is pure coincidence that they're all green :) Also, for really AWESOME natural products:
I am addicted to the store.

Dreadlock maintainence and styles

Here are some photos of some of my work...these are two women who make me want to lock my hair every time I look at them! Hey, if I can do theirs, I can do my own, so I need to stop procrastinating!

Loc Style updoPhotobucket

Loc maintainencelocks dreadlocks, lock maintainence

locks dreadlocks, lock maintainence

locks dreadlocks, lock maintainence

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

welcome to the dark side Alyssa!

I'm happy and excited for you! We will have to get together so I can give you a style tutorial. I'm glad that you are already enjoying the journey regardless of what others think. After all, it's YOUR hair. Fuck what anyone else has to say!

The Start?!

Now I've been wanting to write in this blog for some time, but its giving me Japanese when I want English. Its a trial, so bear with me as I recount the tale.

A week or so ago...I took out my braids. I asked my mother if she would cut the relaxer out of my hair. I hadn't had a relaxer in over a year so I had hella new growth. She refused on the grounds that I have beautiful hair. Long hair. I'd look stupid, she said. My sister, who is staying with us for the time, chimed in with much the same.
I shrugged it off. Because I was going to get her Japanese shears and cut it my damn self. I admit, I haven't been so happy doing something for myself...I don't think ever. If you would have seen my smile, you would have thought I'd escaped from the psycho ward. Had finally figured out a way to get out of my straight jacket. I don't know if I'm describing it adequately enough...
I thought I was the shit with my little Jew fro [in no way a racist term, see 40 Year Old Virgin :)] .
And since I did it at night, everyone was asleep.
None of my immediate family saw my hair until the next night. I had my co-workers at work tripping. Some questioned me, some praised me, some ignored me until I was too in their face to ignore. I dared anyone to say anything. I loved how I looked. Loved how I felt. And I could not, still can't stop touching my hair.
All that day I smiled for apparently no reason. No one could say anything to me to get me down. I felt empowered and liberated. And me. Only more natural and less chemical.
I didn't have to have relaxed hair to be beautiful. Despite what we've all been taught to think.
When my mother saw it, she frowned profusely. She's a stylist. My sister saw it and gaped. Then laughed. Asked, "what fuck did you do to your hair?" "Duh. I cut it."
Needless to say, only now days and days later, are they dealing with the change. They still don't understand why I did it. And since you meet all kinds of new people when you make a drastic change to yourself, a guy on the train illuminated me to the fact that they don't love themselves enough to get why I did this for myself.
One man said it takes a strong woman to go natural in this day and age. Women ask if I've gone natural...isn't it obvious?! I get mixed reviews. But I love it. LOVE IT!
I'm still trying to find my products :) But I'm getting there. This is a recap. I'll write more often on my crackberry.
Shouts to my wifey Jhavia. She's my guru. My help swami. We'll be blogging as we take a journey to attaining beautiful healthy natural locks.

My Dreadlock journey begins...

this Friday! I am so excited. I will be two strand twisting my hair (which I have done many times before) but this time I won't be taking it loose. I am excited and nervous about this journey but I will write and post pictures every step of the way. My plan was to do a photo shoot before starting my dreadlocks, and I did, so I will be posting pictures from that. Check back soon for photos!

Here are photos of my hair before I start my locs...
TWIST OUT Photobucket





SAY GOODBYE TO THE AFRO! We have had 5 good years together, but it is time to move on...I said I was going to lock my hair eventually, and eventually is NOW!