Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Start?!

Now I've been wanting to write in this blog for some time, but its giving me Japanese when I want English. Its a trial, so bear with me as I recount the tale.

A week or so ago...I took out my braids. I asked my mother if she would cut the relaxer out of my hair. I hadn't had a relaxer in over a year so I had hella new growth. She refused on the grounds that I have beautiful hair. Long hair. I'd look stupid, she said. My sister, who is staying with us for the time, chimed in with much the same.
I shrugged it off. Because I was going to get her Japanese shears and cut it my damn self. I admit, I haven't been so happy doing something for myself...I don't think ever. If you would have seen my smile, you would have thought I'd escaped from the psycho ward. Had finally figured out a way to get out of my straight jacket. I don't know if I'm describing it adequately enough...
I thought I was the shit with my little Jew fro [in no way a racist term, see 40 Year Old Virgin :)] .
And since I did it at night, everyone was asleep.
None of my immediate family saw my hair until the next night. I had my co-workers at work tripping. Some questioned me, some praised me, some ignored me until I was too in their face to ignore. I dared anyone to say anything. I loved how I looked. Loved how I felt. And I could not, still can't stop touching my hair.
All that day I smiled for apparently no reason. No one could say anything to me to get me down. I felt empowered and liberated. And me. Only more natural and less chemical.
I didn't have to have relaxed hair to be beautiful. Despite what we've all been taught to think.
When my mother saw it, she frowned profusely. She's a stylist. My sister saw it and gaped. Then laughed. Asked, "what fuck did you do to your hair?" "Duh. I cut it."
Needless to say, only now days and days later, are they dealing with the change. They still don't understand why I did it. And since you meet all kinds of new people when you make a drastic change to yourself, a guy on the train illuminated me to the fact that they don't love themselves enough to get why I did this for myself.
One man said it takes a strong woman to go natural in this day and age. Women ask if I've gone natural...isn't it obvious?! I get mixed reviews. But I love it. LOVE IT!
I'm still trying to find my products :) But I'm getting there. This is a recap. I'll write more often on my crackberry.
Shouts to my wifey Jhavia. She's my guru. My help swami. We'll be blogging as we take a journey to attaining beautiful healthy natural locks.

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