Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slightly frustrated...

I think I am overthinking my dreadlock journey. It's supposed to be organic...one of the reasons I decided that I want to lock my hair is because my hair is starting to become a source of stress, and I am not used to that. For years I kept my hair in twists and braids, and I really didn't think about it too much. But now, I think about it TOO much.

Lately my dilemma has been: how exactly should I start my locks? I could do two strand twists, but I have mixed feelings about how my hair looks in two strand twists, and I don't want it to come loose. I though about 4 strand twists, because they're tighter so may stay intact longer than two strand twists. Ideally, I would interlock, but I feel like I would have a hard time doing that on my own hair. I'm too impatient, but I refuse to pay someone to do it. I'm too broke, and besides I know how to do it I'm just impatient and too lazy.

Sooo I will probably just do 4 strand twists and wear hats or something until I'm happy with the way my hair looks. I'm starting out with hair that isn't particularly long or short, so I'm jumping in this journey right at the awkward stage, which isn't gonna make it easier, but perhaps it will teach me a thing or two. Patience is something I need more of, so hopefully this process will be a lesson in that.

Now I just need my girlfriend to part my hair so I can get this show on the road! I want my parts to be really neat. I'm really picky about my hair.

Anyway, hopefully next time I will be posting pictures of the beginnings of some damn locks. We shall see. I know how I am...if I get too impatient, I will say "fuck having perfect parts," and just DO IT. But I'm trying not to go there since this is a style I plan to have permanently, or at least until they get to my waist.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I've been feeling the same way. Too aware and not pleased. But I have patience and you don't. I'll let you borrow some :D
    However you choose to do it will take time and it will be beautiful because you will care for it well. But uh...I'ma need you to post some of those things we talked about at my job. Baking soda, glycerin, etc.
    <3 U!